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Testing your English and improving lives

The number one reason to learn English is that is the most commonly spoken language in the world.

Which Languages Have the Most Speakers?

Rank Language                                                          Total Speakers
1                                                                                   English                          1,132 million
2                                                                                   Mandarin Chinese      1,117 million
3                                                                                   Hindi                                615 million
4                                                                                   Spanish                            534 million


Reason number two: 

Learning English and having English qualifications can increase the chance of better paid employment opportunities.

According to research from the US, those who speak English as a second language can command a wage increase of up to 30%, while those who have mastered it can earn 67% more. As the US is a leader in technical innovation (behind China), the number of roles available to English-speakers has increased and US companies are looking abroad for market growth more than ever before.

When it comes to employability, having a second language is immensely valuable and being bilingual will put your application ahead of monolingual candidates. And the employment options available to those having English as a second language will only increase.


Test your English with Anglia Examinations

Anglia Examinations understand how stressful it can be to take an exam and we aim to minimise that for every candidate.

Anglia Examinations have local offices all over the world to give you the personal easy experience of taking an English exam as stress-free as possible.

All our local offices have a direct connection to Anglia HQ in Chichester, England where the exams are produced and sent to individual centres. The exams are then sent back to Anglia HQ to be marked/moderated and then certificates are created.

Our local centres also have connections to other centres to help with teaching potential exam takers how to learn English. For example speaking English with others in a different country also learning how to speak English can be an effective tool. 

Join the Anglia network today by becoming a local representative or contacting your local representative to take an exam.