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In this world, you can be anything. Be kind.

Anne woke up feeling happy and wanted to make others feel happy too.

It was raining so she took an umbrella and went outside, smiling. Anne first came across Mr Toad who looked a bit sad. Anne smiled at Mr Toad and he smiled back, suddenly he did not feel so sad anymore and decided to go for a swim in the pond.

Anne then bumped into Miss Rabbit, she was off to the shops, but had forgotten her umbrella. Miss Rabbit was wet and very grumpy. Anne gave Miss Rabbit her umbrella. Miss Rabbit was very thankful and it cheered her right up.

Anne went home to dry off and have a cup of tea.

Later, when it had stopped raining Anne heard a knock at the door. Anne answered the door and there was Mr Toad and Miss Rabbit. Miss Rabbit wanted to return Anne’s umbrella and to thank her properly had bought her a cake. Anne invited her friends in to enjoy the cake with her. It made Anne feel happy that she had made Miss Rabbit and Mr Toad feel better.

The smallest kindness can make a big difference.


Ready for the summer?

Come and join Anne for a really big adventure, improve your English, meet some new people and have fun! 

summerbear   Anglia Summer school will run from 18th July to 7th August, come for 2 or 3 weeks.

  Available from as young as 12 years old.

  Bring your siblings and come and meet Anne.

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